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Oaktree Bioscience

Expertise in drug discovery and early stage funding
Providing interim senior management for Biotech start ups and spin outs

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Providing fundraising and drug discovery expertise.
20 years experience leading drug discovery programs.
Biotech founder, CEO and board director.


Early stage fundraising

Since 2010, I have been raising capital for Biotechs from VC firms, high net worth individuals (HNWI) and non-dilutive grants.  

I founded Peptinnovate Ltd in 2011 which was initially financed through HNWI equity investment and an Innovate UK grant.  I obtained a further 5 grants totaling £2m which leveraged additional equity investments from UK, European and Australian investors, taking the lead asset to phase 1 clinical studies.

Subsequently I have successfully obtained 6 innovate UK grants for Procarta Biosystems and Metrion Biosciences and supported the raising of the matching equity from Venture Capital.

Preparing and delivering investment pitches is a particular passion.


Drug discovery expertise

The roots of new medicines are embedded in the lead optimisation process leading to candidate selection.  For 12 years, I worked at the cutting edge of drug discovery in GSK medicinal chemistry contributing to numerous small molecule candidates which progressed to clinical studies.

Subsequently, I have engaged in further drug discovery efforts with peptides (Peptinnovate) and oligonucleotides (Procarta Biosystems).

In all cases, the clinical indication and commercial positioning of molecules are at the forefront of all project planning. 


Medicinal Chemistry

From over 20 years as a medicinal chemist, first in GSK for 12 years and subsequently in a number of biotechs, I have come across a great number of lead optimisation issues.  I am author on >20 patent applications.

My medicinal chemistry experience spans multiple small molecule neuroscience programs at GSK, balancing brain exposures with potency and PK, to peptides in Peptinnovate and oligonucleotides in Procarta. 

Like the rings of the oak tree, each year signifies different issues and challenges which create experience and expertise that can be readily applied to new programs.

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Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, UK,  SG1 2FX

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